Michigan Psychologists CE Requirements, Accreditations & Approvals

Michigan Psychologists

Continuing Education (CE) credits for psychologists are provided through the co-sponsorship of the American Psychological Association (APA) Office of Continuing Education in Psychology (CEP). The APA CEP Office maintains responsibility for the content of the programs.

Continuing Education Requirement

Psychologists are required 30 hours, including a minimum of 3 hours in ethics and 2 hours in pain and pain symptom management every two years.

NEW Beginning June 1, 2022, an applicant for licensure or registration must have completed a minimum of two (2) hours of implicit bias training within the 5 years immediately preceding issuance of the license or registration. For every renewal thereafter, in addition to completing any continuing education required for renewal, reregistration, or relicensure, an applicant must have completed a minimum of one (1) hour of implicit bias training for each year of the applicant's license or registration cycle. If otherwise permitted by the code and rules, this training may be used to satisfy other training or continuing education requirements. Instruction must be synchronous/interactive or asynchronous teleconference or webinar. (Per MI R 338.7004 eff 3/23/2023)

There is a one-time requirement for training in identifying victims of human trafficking.

For More Information

Please contact the Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing at (517) 241-0199, or visit the Board of Psychology website at https://www.michigan.gov/lara/bureau-list/bpl/health/hp-lic-health-prof/psychology for additional information regarding your continuing education.

Implicit Bias training: https://www.michigan.gov/-/media/Project/Websites/lara/bpl/Shared-Files/Implicit-Bias-Training-FAQs.pdf - All Licensees (multiple professions).